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As stated above, the Free Market is a fly-on-the-wall’s view of the process which has heretofore been shrouded by mystery, and not a little fear and loathing. It is TQR's mission to pull back the veil and reveal the nitty gritty, sometimes unfair, world of capital discrimination. You’ve seen the NYSE at opening bell, right? It’s every man for herself, brother. Follow your favorites from Floor to Terminal to Executive Suite. Take bets in the Queen's Rump with your mates while you menace the exhausted staff members who only want to drink their Michelob Ultra and be left alone. All of this comes under the umbrella of the FREE MARKET.

Owing to the fact TQR caters to the long stuff, it compelled the resident diety, The Architext, to create a system whereby investors need not finish a CG in one sitting, but be able to log off for however long they wanted to, and still be able log back on to the site and start where they left off at ere those many weeks.

And, lo, The Architext twiddled its microprocessors and said, "Let there be Bookmarks!" and, shazaam, it coded them, and they were displayed across the top of your screen by CG title and last-page read, so that you could click on them and be right back where you belonged. So don’t feel like you’ve got to take No Doz in order to finish one of our gargantuan offerings. Let our Bookmarks do the mocking, er, marking.

Instead of the archaic and milleniums-old utilization of the ‘scroll,’ TQR has opted for a page-by-page style to display its capital gains. What kind of dust farting subliminal messages does the word ‘scroll’ put out to investors, not to mention the implication that you are using a tool old as Ezekiel? Given a choice twixt scroll and page, there is no contest.

For best results viewing TQR, utilize a high speed Internet connection and a 17-inch monitor tuned to a Full Screen setting. To format your screen to this in Windows, hit F11, or go to the top menu item, View, and click, then find ‘Full Screen’ and click. Mac users, figure it out yourselves cuz I don't know.