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AHOY: theodore
Date: 2018/04/27 20:46 By: tqr Status: Admin  
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Here I am! Thank you so much for all the work you are doing. There are only a couple of those evil question marks left (see below). Also, a mistake I made, and an answer to your observation:

page 2: Alice in Wonderland (should be in italics)

page 8: he’d remained in his bed, and who would cry about it the following morning—? (please delete question mark)

page 9: “You’re not telling me you were jealous, are you?” I laughed an ugly laugh. “You are?” (please delete the question mark after the last word and replace with dash)

page 9: “I didn’t mean?” (please replace question mark with dash)

page 10: On my side, only a plea, written in my round, childish scrawl with little globes instead of dots on top of the ‘i.’ (My mistake. It should be 'with a little globe instead of a dot')

page 11: For years after we moved away from the house on the tree, I told myself that I would go back there as soon as I could?when I had enough money; when I broke free from my parents. (please replace question mark with dash)

page 12: “It made me feel better.Like you were … close.” (please insert space before 'Like')

page 13: I saw anger contort Will’s features into the disproportionate, graceless boy that he had been. Those of the hurt adolescent on the day when Mirko had scratched out that sentence from the wall of the tunnel. (I get your point but if you delete the first 'those'- as in 'into those of the disproportionate ...), then the second 'Those' - as in 'Those of the hurt adolescent') sounds wrong ...)

page 15: The Crow and Ranma 1/2 (should be in italics)

RORSCHALK: Sure thing. Get these after work in a few hours. ...


Done all but the "those" controversy. The first sentence flows into the second naturally as can be. So. We're good. Thanks.

Really love the story, and what pulls it altogether are the summation paragraphs that either start or end a section, with their striking insights and beautiful imagery from the perspective of age and wisdom. Thank you for allowing us to publish it. Let me know when the payment arrives in Sardinia.

MONICA STRINA:Payment has arrived, I'm told, thank you very much. You know how rare that is in short-story writing. Not that this was short, haha.

Question: does one have to log into your website to read the story? I can only find it that way.

By the way, I love the picture you used.

I am very happy we worked together on this. Thank you for putting so much effort into it, and for reading and understanding the story the way I wish everyone did. It's a huge thing for me.

RORSCHALK: It's been a good experience (except for the dashes!) and the story is amazing. I will have to look into that log in access. It should be you just go to the site and click on the picture to get to the story.

On my end, all you need do is type in the url '', and then click on the tree art to get to the story. Is it different in Europe?

MONICA STRINA:Actually it is very handy. My trouble was that I was entering on Google "tqr stories" rather than joining the two and it wasnt taking me there and when I saw the links on the left of the page I got a but confused as there is no "home" button. By the way, how did it all come to be and how is it possible that you pay authors even though you don't charge readers?

TQR was/is a reaction to the rise of micro fiction on the internet. Back in 2004 I hired a guy to make me a web site and our metaparadigm is listed somewhere in our FAQ I think (left hand menu bar). I've always been a contrarian and was sick of the trend to tiny fictions, plus I tended to write long long short stories that I could never find a home for, so I knew there was a market for longer stuff. Also, wanted to take advantage of the immediacy of the internet's ability to show the editorial process in realtime.

So, as to the paying part, we are very, very picky cuz each story we publish is $50 bucks out of pocket. I don't mind, but if I'm going to be paying out, it's gotta be some life-changing goodstuff. Keep churning and burning.

MONICA STRINA: Well, it's even more of an honour
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