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AHOY: inside baseball, coding and quid pro quo'ing
Date: 2018/11/01 16:46 By: guevara Status: Admin  
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Missive intercepted by John O. Brennan this Hallow's Eve in a SCIF near the Potomac River, via a private server mysteriously emanating from the vicinity of Chappaqua, NY. Then double-blind intercepted by a deplorable like me...

begin transmission:

BULLDUST: <p class="style1"><a href="vid/clusterclip.mp4">Beowulf Cluster Clip MP4</a></p>

RORSCHALK:Using the code above I can drop an mpeg into a style sheet? OK. I've got the mpeg on my computer desktop. If I name it in the space where Beowulf Cluster Clip MP4 is will it magically be found on my desktop by the code in the TQR site and then play? Not understanding the whole pathway deal.

BULLDUST: You need to make the path to the location in your web directory. For example, if I defined it exactly, it would be: <p><a href="http:REDACTED">Beowulf Cluster Clip MP4</a></p>

So you need to upload it to the site and point to the location in your site. The path in the first example was assuming it was drilling down from the main directory. The one I just made is explicitly calling the exact location.

RORSCHALK:That makes sense now. Gotta load it to the dern site! That shouldn't be too hard. Thanks!

OK, I gave it a try, but I got an error message telling me that there are only certain file types that the site will take and mpeg is not one of them. So I guess that's that, eh? Unless an mpeg can be converted to one o the file types below?

Only files of type gif, png, jpg, bmp, pdf, swf, doc, xls or ppt can be uploaded
Media Manager

BULLDUST: It's like liking audio files it seems. What kind of site are you using? Like is Wordpress?

Is it letting you upload it at all?

RORSCHALK: No, it isn't allowing to upload at all. I get that error mssg. So, what about linking it on site to the file on my perSonal computer? Is that just opening up to hack attack?

BULLDUST: It won't work like that, BUT I can put it on one of my sites for you to link to.

RORSCHALK: That would be out of site! har har. No rush. Just let me know when and I'll link it up,. I really appreciate your doing this. I did re-up the CAPT ERIS ad copy alongside the new cap. So... a nice quid pro quo, I must say.

BULLDUST: Okay, here we go: <p><a href="REDACTED>Text that you want to use to describe the file for readers</a></p>

RORSCHALK: Thanks. Will gladly rep the JAPANESE ROBOTS LOVE TO DANCE. The cover is funtastic!

[end transmission]
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