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Re:Wk0.1 @th Floor brought to u by Ernest Hemingway
Date: 2017/03/01 00:55 By: Jesus Status: Admin  
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[Jesus pulls out his HP laptop, plops it on the cherrywood's desktop. He clicks on the Floor's Wi-Fi, gets his page up, searches. While the laptop searches, Jesus stomps to the back of the Floor, beside the wardrobe, and he drags out a tri-podded white board. He lines up the white board with the laptop's spill camera. He goes back to the laptop and examines its search. He clicks on an article, and it comes up on the white board. It reads:

A 47-year-old man was arrested and charged with rape, and a 16-year-old runaway from New Jersey described a horrifying life of rape, forced prostitution and drug use in the Jungle homeless encampment in Seattle, according to court documents.

Nghia Nguyen, aka “Asian Mike,” was charged with second-degree rape. He also had two outstanding felony warrants when he was arrested.

Police said they found the girl in a tent in the Jungle in early January after receiving a tip. She said she ran away from home at the end of November, came to Seattle on a Greyhound bus, and soon found her way to the Jungle.

The girl said she stayed with several people over the course of the ensuing weeks, many of whom raped her and forced her to sell herself. Somewhere along the way, she began using heroin.

She said she was passed from tent to tent, and eventually she was sold to a man who also raped her with a friend.

From there, she said, she ended up with Nguyen. She said Nguyen gave her a place to stay, food, and crystal meth and crack cocaine. She said Nguyen wouldn’t let her use heroin any more.

The girl said Nguyen threatened to kill her on at least one occasion, and said he’d blow off her knee caps if she ran away and tried to come back.

The girl said there were six other girls, one of whom was 13, staying in the same area of the camp.

Police said they found one other girl, a 14-year-old runaway from Idaho, who said Nguyen also raped her, and a 16-year-old who is also a possible victim.

Nguyen told police he knew two of the girls, but said he didn’t rape them, give them drugs or threaten them. He said he was being framed.

[Jesus steps between the laptop's lens and the white board, casting some serious shadow. He sucks some sweet smoke from his Java]

If I know Boligard, every single one of those rapists, those that took what Nguyen gave them, are pretty much dead. And, yeah, I feel good about it. S'like Batman. Right?
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Re:Wk0.1 @th Floor brought to u by Ernest Hemingway
Date: 2017/03/01 03:27 By: deplancher Status: Admin  
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[DeP pulls her cloak forward to cover her head. She's wrapped the heavy garment all about her self. It's a hot day on The Floor but still she shivers. She read the white board content. She read it twice. Maybe she understands something about something she did not really want to understand or know about. Maybe she's not talking about what she read or what she knows or understands or its effect, any effect. Affect. Afflict. Effect. Infect.]

This world is full of bounty. This world is full of dirt. Some people in it come here, exist to love. Some people, barely people, those are the ones who come to hurt.

The world is beauty. The world is dirt. Who's winning, Jesus? Who's winning?

A Bluelight Dancer/Not a Pocketbook Romancer
of The Floor
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