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Date: 2018/03/27 14:35 By: rockefeller Status: Visitor  
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Of all genres, Rocks likes fantasy the least. Not sure why. Maybe because, to him, it's like science fiction without the science. Or maybe because, to him, the whole idea of writing is to lie credibly, to make shit, however unbelievable, believable. Whereas in fantasy, it's like exactly the opposite. Just screams MADE UP. And as such doesn't usually involve much research into anything except maybe various tropes of the genre. In other words, reading fantasy doesn't learn ya nothin.

But, having said all that, despite his biases and preferences, this Stone thing held his interest. Rocks never felt the need to skim, and all the bad things he was mulling over and sort of kicking around in his oddly shaped head and formulating saying seemed to evaporate as the story progressed, replaced by happier, kinder thoughts. So much so that Rocks was actually surprised, even a bit disappointed, to see it end. Also, it has an anti-authoritarian bent that appeals.

It's about an evil sorcerer and his pet gargoyle awakened from their stone state to track down and destroy the spawn of an illicit coupling, a good looking, kindhearted but powerful redhead who's the daughter of a male incubus and a human babe. But the POV is the gargoyle's. And this very bloodhound-like creature is the protag here.

There are no surprises. But in a good way. The story plays out exactly as expected and wanted. Also, it's technically pretty tight. There's even a pair of tits exposed.

So yeah, Monkey it up, says Rocks, curious to see if it doesn't get gored by the Bull.
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Date: 2018/03/27 17:49 By: bulldust Status: Admin  
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The Bullmeister gets mighty dismayed when he hears about all this anti-weed legislation. If people want to be pot addicts, let them. Screw it. It’s cheaper that wasting taxpayer dollars on all this enforcement. All they are going to do is get stoned and eat a lot. Really, who cares? If a fat-ass bastard wants to smoke up and waste his life watching cartoons and eating pizza pockets, let him. Why is it my concern? People get hung up on the weirdest things. Just let the hippies get stoned already.

Oh wait, this isn’t about that kind of stone. Well, disregard what I just said.

This cap is a tale told by a guy with a shitty boss. We’ve all had them, arrogant, micromanaging and just a complete dick wad. But this guy Garn, he can’t quit. He’s stuck with his boss, Talisman, because of magic. Yeah, freaking magic holds him trapped working his crap job for this ass-goblin wizard. And to make matters worse, Garn is forced into dreamless hibernation between assignments. He’s not even allowed to enjoy his non-work time. That is complete bullshit.

So this job comes up and Garn is awakened. It turns out Talisman wants him to help sniff out this bimbo who just happens to be half human and half incubus. But the chick hasn’t actually done anything wrong. However, douchebag Talisman is going to be lazy with his moral compass and just follow his orders to kill the bitch. Fortunately, his plans go sideways and karma catches up with his ass. Ignoring Garn’s warnings, Talisman is incapacitated for what is predicted to be a year or two. Garn gets the girl and at least a couple of years of freedom from his crap job.

I’ll be honest. I waiting for Rocks before weighing in on this cap. I didn’t want to be the first to say send it up, but yes send it up. I enjoyed this one and think it is Monkey worthy.
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Date: 2018/03/27 20:09 By: tqr Status: Admin  
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Do I even need to read the cap now? You've given it up like a Hollywood trailer, two-bit whore! Good job, bullthrust! Gonna go smoke a bowl so I can forget about your spoilage.
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