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Date: 2018/07/11 13:54 By: bulldust Status: Admin  
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Sorry for being a downer, but the Bull is depressed. I know, who thought the Bull actually had any feelings, to even have sad ones? But, alas, it is true. So many things out there to bum the Bullmeister out. So many people gunning for the same taste of the American Dream as the Bull is and so little room for all of them.

As crazy as it may sound, the Bull has been a good, hard-working trooper, obeying the rules and regulations set forth by those in command. However, it has gotten him zip. He should have pissed outside of the pot more often, broken the rules and started more shit. Now he has very little to show for years of being a good guy. Now he is full of regret.

And speaking of regret, we have “The Murmurous Dead”. This cap explores an assassin’s regret or lack thereof. We begin with Corth, the assassin in question, who has just completed his first assignment, yet feels nothing about ending a life. Feeling a bit disappointed by this meeting with the head assassin, he sets off to tend to his second assignment.

After the assignment is complete, he meets a young woman who he bangs. They bang a lot and we get a couple of paragraphs of sexual situations, which are well written. And as it turns out, the girl wants to become an assassin herself one day.

Then we get the complication, the plot twist that adds depth to the cap. This is when Corth has to come to terms with his actions and his feelings about them.

The cap is well written, with minimal grammatical errors. Normally, the Bull doesn’t dig fantasy with all its guilds and fancy language, but this was alright. However, it is a little sappy and formulaic. Maybe the Bull’s mood is making him soft. Or maybe the Bull just needs booze and hookers, then a reread. The Bull is torn. The Bull will see what the Rocks decides, but as it stands it’s close but still a no.
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Date: 2018/07/11 20:39 By: tqr Status: Admin  
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[The Rorschalk and his trailing conga line chance upon this no-bull soliloquy as they kick up some sand on their tropical island cum volcano-tipped desolation upon the wide and merciless ocean. So seeing the long, drawn countenance and hearing the somber tones from the normally boffo-waxing blubber-lips of the boisterous bull, he raises his marracas in the air to signal a halt (Jesus still nearly bowls him over from behind with exuberant and reckless momentum) and addresses the terminal heifer with posed grandiloquence...]

If all else fails, we can rip the Horus eyes!

[So saying, he drops trou and, bending at the waist to accentuate his hairy bum, trumpets proudly with high decibel report. Jesus and his cohorts recoil in horror at the vulgar display of fecal compunction as the pantaloons are thus raised to cover any unsightly body parts better left unsaid.]

Now, bull. I was afraid you'd put me in another equivocatory bind, but am glad to hear the "No" squeak out there at the bitter end. You must pardon my flatulent nature, but when the world hands you regret, you must GREET it thusly. There's a spot for you on the conga line, if you want it. Now ...

[Revs up the mood with some jamming maraca ...]

I've gotta snake dance to attend to ... Ole!

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Date: 2018/07/13 15:42 By: bulldust Status: Admin  
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The Bull is just going to bust open a kegger and try to pretend he never saw any of that.


Can't unsee some things.

The Bullmeister may need to move on to hard drugs.
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Date: 2018/07/17 15:07 By: rockefeller Status: Visitor  
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Rocks once wanted to be an assassin. Sold his Honda Civic and bought himself a Winchester .30-30 after reading Rambo. Then a Ruger .44 mag and mini-14. Then some no-name .270. Damage to his left eye's from a shooting range buddy's Weatherby .300 Magnum's scope. It wasn't that he didn't like people, but just that there's not a lot else to do with a bunch of high-power rifles once you've stripped and reassembled them a few times. Especially if you are a vegetarian with nothing against forest animals. Also Rocks wanted to make the world a better place. But this was before GPS, and Rocks has no sense of direction. Used to get lost right in his own neighborhood. Also he's never had any sort of entrepreneurial flair. And if you aren't getting paid, then you're just another serial killer. Anyway, them's Rocks' motivations for almost but then not becoming a professional hit man.

Never could quite suss out Corth's motives in this regard, though. Given he's admittedly highly sexed, even for a human, probably figured it'd get him laid a lot. The trick to the perfect assassination, reportedly, is to make it look totally accidental. Of course, one has to wonder then, what if the contractor was trying to send someone a message? In which case, a couple .22 rounds in the head is going to be more communicative than having fallen through some rotting stairs.

Corth winds up assassinating two people, neither of whose deaths could Rocks see benefited anyone, except maybe themselves. It's been Rocks' general observation that vengeance is best served by letting people live as long as possible, which is only a cosmological nanosecond or so anyway.

The cap is well penned, has a slick UK voice. Even a sex scene, or maybe two, of sorts. No thrusting of sinuous members into quivering vulvae or anything. But there's some "quiet mewls and gasps."

This kind of thing, where Corth talks his way into the chick's knickers, always annoys Rocks: He knew the manipulation of words, of manner; and he had given her just enough words for her to convince herself to come back to his room at the inn." How about giving the reader a few of those words? To Rocks, it's like writing, John said something funny, and Mary laughed so hard she peed her pants."

In the end, Rocks neither liked nor disliked Corth. He kind of liked the babe with the nice ass (arse), but only because of that. The first murder victim seemed the most human to him: lonely and beseeching. The history and politics of the four cities was nice, almost a hopeful metaphor for The World: that our killing of each other should become so wisely orchestrated. Rocks realizes that it is probably an unrealistically high and unfairly subjective (and selfish) benchmark to apply in this vetting, but, in the end, the story did not change him, and so, No.
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