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Date: 2018/11/07 16:23 By: rockefeller Status: Admin  
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Here we have Harlequin Romance meets British History 201. Erudite. Well researched. Throw in a young female protag with schizophrenic episodes masquerading as religious fervor, and you have... you have... Rocks reading faster and faster, trying to pick up the thread of a story, until finally skipping over nubile Saint Margaret's predicable liaison with the hunky King Malcolm of somewhere or other, right to the italicized ending in which the entire fourth wall is metafictively demolished to [spoiler alert] expose the author of this tale as none other than a distant descendant of the aforementioned romantic pair, which maybe explains why this competent wordsmith found it of interest, if not why it ascended from The Floor here. WTF? No.

Okay, okay. That was overly harsh. There is no accounting for taste and bias, and plain bad mood. Maybe it'll appeal to the Bull's gentler, softer, more whimsical side. The prose is quite good. In any case, it'll get picked up somewhere. Really, the whole trick to being published today is to sub sub sub. Sub everything you write to anyone who'll read. Then, as your CV grows, it will in and of itself lend additional weight & credibility to your myriad offerings which, upon further acceptance and recognition will further expand your now already formidable CV until you are famous famous famous, like Dan Brown. You're welcome.
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Date: 2018/11/13 17:51 By: bulldust Status: Admin  
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“Sir!” Bullmeister cried. “I have been soaked to the bone. I am sure to catch my death of pneumonia.”

“Fear not!” Rockefeller consoled the worried bull. “No amount of water shall dampen our spirits. We are cut from much stronger cloth than that.”

The bull coughed and quivered from the cool sea air. “Please, sir. I feel faint.” He gracefully collapsed to the floor, whimpering the entire way down.

When he awoke from his short visit into the darkness, he was greeted by a warm fire and the company of Rockefeller.

“What happened,” the confused bull asked.

Rocks handed Bulldust a brew. “You were overcome by a dose of modern medieval fiction. Watch some “Fast and Furious” movies and you’ll be back to your crude self in no time.”

“Dola and the Saint” is a well-written telling of Queen Margaret before she was queen and her introduction to King Malcolm. Margaret who is determined to become a nun in order to avoid the servitude of marriage and to serve God to her fullest. She essentially has an imaginary friend, she named Anya, who she refers to as a “dola” a guiding spirit. Anya advises Margaret to take a path that is different from the one she had originally intended.

The writing was tight and the flow was great. I had no difficulty following it. However, it felt more like an excerpt than a full story. The cap felt incomplete. Also, the epilogue felt awkward, like I had been reading a Scholastic fictionalized history. While it served to wrap things up, it was a large chunk of writing for this relatively short cap.

So, my vote is no. It is well written, for sure, but it’s not for the monkey. The monkey is not quite that pious.
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