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full frontal transparency exposed to horrified VC
Date: 2017/12/04 23:19 By: tqr Status: Admin  
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hey. **it happens, as said the affable movie scion Forest Gump. owing to our bent toward transparency ... I do confess. Transcript follows...

I have followed the progress of my, uh, "capital venture" "Motorbikette" through the TQR process & noted that the Architext's tie-breaking decision seemed to rather go against it (RE: last post here:, dated 15th of November). I also noted on the thread here that Theodore Q. Rorschalk mentioned—in passing—about "getting the job done", the "job" in question being I assume firing my story out the Rejection Tube.

Which is all fine & dandy, of course, but I was just wondering, & I certainly don't mean to chivvy you along at all, but I haven't received a rejection email as yet? In the way of these things, I am pretty sure you guys don't want it, which is perfectly fine, but I just wanted to know for a definite so I could as it were draw a line under it & send it off somewhere else.

Hoping you're all well.

Best, Nelson.

TQR replies:
I do apologize for the oversight. I am in charge of the gmailing of the rejection letters at the Terminal level. I must admit, too, that I haven't been as quick to run a tight ship as I have been in the past. You are correct. MOTORBIKETTE did not make it passed the terminal so has been rejected. Thank you for pointing out the fact you never received final notice of said. I do apologize and take responsibility for this mistake.
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