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Re:It's like this...
Date: 2017/02/04 08:59 By: deplancher Status: Admin  
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Okay, so...Have I got this?

1. TQR lights up full throttle. No more gates/gaps of time.

2. Chair Ted continues to receive incoming anytime all the time.

3. Chair Ted continues distribution of new flow to Floorites.

4. Floorites receive read sift delight deride decide fate of each cap as they come/go.

5. Floorites (am I really referring to us with that term? Oui, poor but easily followed.) notify VCs of fate o'the cap via email while concurrently notifying Chair Ted.

6. Chair Ted, without delay, flings successful caps to one of Terminali in waiting.

7. Terminali, without delay, examines picks spikes eats spits decides on fate of cap deemed potentially viable at Floor level.

8. Terminali posts yay or nay, without delay, onsite. Concurrently, Floorites receive read...etc. new flow as received and distributed by Chair Ted.

9. Nothing stops ever. We go and go, round and round like a perpetual carousel only with a cooler soundtrack than a kiddie amusement park.

10. Sometime a cap deemed worthy emerges on TQR Home Page. Quaere: when is that time? How often? Chair Ted to clarify, svp.

Have I got this new sequence as intended? If not, you got to help me see because, you know, I may be sometimes missing but I've no wish to be running blind...there's a Jackson Browne lyric in there somewhere, je pense.

A Bluelight Dancer/Not a Pocketbook Romancer
of The Floor
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Re:It's like this...
Date: 2017/02/04 11:38 By: tqr Status: Admin  
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Madamoiselle, all that you have gleaned has been gleaned correctly.

And you are also honed in on one of the, shall we say, 'questions' that are implicit in this new dynamic ... frequency of publication. The very most I can afford would probably be 1 pub every two months. But this whole new thang has been predicated by the idea that somehow we could get funding from

1. In order for patronage from investors (investors in the TQR- as well as the normie-sense incidentally which must please us all with the elegance of its poetic overlay)the continuous submission cycle has been born. Otherwise, with the summer hiatus, I seriously doubt we'd be fronted any shekels.

2. The 'question' of publication frequency, if patreon became a reality, would no longer be a problem, seeing as how the capital gained VC would be paid directly from that revenue stream. Should it grow big enough, I can foresee a time when we could even pay more than we already do. But that is getting way ahead of where we are now.

3. This move could be the renaissance or the doom of this publishing house. But something needed to be done either way. I was losing interest and feeling despair that I was just phoning it in, as they say, anymore. Something needed to happen. We will give this a try ... I wish Otto would pull himself away from those 3rd rate strippers long enough to chime in on this ...


ps All capital managers should use this business office as if it were a business phone. You are all capable of creating your own bulletins here. I will check in every day to conduct business.
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