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report of dep's death has been highly exaggerated
Date: 2017/11/06 21:15 By: tqr Status: Admin  
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TQR to DEPLANCHER: Heya, haven't heard from you in a month or so. Just check in so I know you're all right. Maybe start parceling out some of the cap I have sent you in the last few weeks to your colleague if you need a break. Lemme know which ones you haven't read yet. I hope you are doing well.


TQR to DOOMEY:Ahoy! Her last post was talking about how she was sick Oct. 14. Sent her a gmail a day or two back with no reply. Now I'm a bit worried. Just letting you know. I will check to see if I have a phone number for her. But I don't think I do...

DOOMEY to TQR: Oh crap. She's not another Lalo. But maybe she's really sick. I've had a bad flu here and there. Ok, keep me informed. We should all get ourselves in our phones.


DEPLANCHER to TQR: Hiya. Yep, I'm alright. Just in flux after lengthy absence from home base. Maybe a few too many commitments of not much importance but together grab my time and energy from reading the caps and participating much onsite.

There's only one I have yet to read. (Salt Man) Apologies for rowing the slow boat, but I'll hang on. Hope Boligard isn't exploding from carrying the overload over all these months of my tentness.

I am probably relocating in the next few months, which will be a big fat hassle, mostly because I am lazy and have way too much stuff. If I need a break then, I will raise my hand.

Onward, Joe.


TQR to DOOMEY: Good news! She is OK. Just had other stuff to do. All that cap I sent you last night or two nights ago, don't bother with it. It was the stuff Dep is working on now. All is well.

DOOMEY to TQR: I'm working on The Foot Race, John Karr. What other cap should I disregard?

I have Salt Man, Canyon of the Full Moon and Sheehan. Are these cap all mine? Happy as an elf at a christmas party if they are, but if some are DeP's, let me know. I wont touch them.

TQR to DOOMEY: I think they are all hers. I will double check right now. I've got another sheehan to send you. Aces and Eights. Up your alley, maybe.

CORRECTION-TQR to DOOMEY: Salt Man is Dep's, Canyon of the Full Moon is yours. Silent Acceptance from Sheehan is yours. And Foot Race is yours.

Sorry for the drama! And don't be too hard on old Evelyn. She's a trooper.

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