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Date: 2017/11/20 20:45 By: bulldust Status: Admin  
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I am going start with my latest pet peeve, proofreading. I will say this again, there are free grammar checks out there. Please check before submitting.

Here is a partial list:

“But the real answer is that this whole ancient family of plants can’t grown hardly anywhere on the planet anywhere because of earthworms.”

A door panel slid open in one seamless wall and the hall flights came on.

The awareness that there was intelligent life on other planets might have been a hugely unifying factor among human beingson Earth.

The scene jerked awkwardly as the view moved from the clumsy foraging of the Therizinosaurus to zoom in with staggered, seasick leaps to the Visitors on the clifs.

“Jesus, I though he would have edited this a bit,” groaned Marty.

The Bull is in tight with some physicists that love to talk science over beer. Grab a brewski, and it’s blah blah blah quantum this or graviton that. Four beers in and the Bullster is defending M theory and doing tachyon shooters. While the Bullmeister is a slow dude, he can’t help but pick up a thing or two. In this case, what he remembered was in direct conflict with the science of this cap.

I had to suspend disbelief knowing Gravity is a harsh mistress and exerts its force on photons. Additionally, photons are impacted by time dilation. The more a photon approaches 186k miles per second, the more time slows it down. Combine time and gravity and not only will time bend the light, but the gravity well will slow down the beam even further.

That being said, I liked the cap overall. It flowed well, and while there was no huge climactic ending, it was satisfactory. I was amused that it concluded in a heated argument between scientists.

Is it Monkey material? I’m torn. I enjoyed the read, so I’m leaning toward yes. Therefore, I will go with that. However, my good buddy Rocks may feel otherwise. The photon is in his court.
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