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Date: 2018/03/06 15:42 By: bulldust Status: Admin  
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Eleven-thousand words is a lot for the Bullmeister to wrap his horns around without going all bleary-eyed and needing a beer. That topped with fifty thousand misspellings of “can not” and it makes it tough to focus.

But it was a decent weekend, and the Bull got some crap done. Although, the poultry flock was aggravating as hell, freaking beaky bitches. We had some words about my stuff and who can peck at it. Let’s just say, the Bull is low on patience for creatures that break other people’s stuff. But that is a story for another day. The Bull will try to be open-minded on this long, badly-formatted cap.

I mean this is a formatting nightmare, extra spaces, and lines

The cap is confusing, jumping around. Random segments are inserted like this commentary from Igor regarding a heist in Miami and some peanut butter thing with Bigfoot. The diversion derailed the little bit of focus I had on the cap up to that point. But I regained my resolve and tried again.

Then I got to this:

“Now, what I've done is to put an opposite pair of magnetic monopoles on the two particles. When they collapse you also have the energy created and released by the reuniting of those. It's important that a tiny black hole also appears in their neighborhood. That pushes the system toward a net production of energy and, with luck, there will be a chain reaction. This might really be important as a new energy source.”


“The machine in question was on the second floor with the giant magnets which held toroids of plasma in place, trapping the virtual particles.”

First, let’s talk the production of monopoles.

1) Monopoles have not existed since before the big bang.

2) The amount of energy needed to create a monopole is larger than we have the capacity to generate. Unless we want to just suck all the energy from the sun and surrounding stars, but you really can’t do that in a lab in a three-story building. You would need a huge facility to do this. Something like, I don’t know, a power plant, a supercollider. This would not be something unobtrusive and quiet.

Let’s talk about scale.

1) How exactly are you going to attach a constituent of matter that doesn’t normally exist in this universe to a particle?

2) What kind of particle are we talking about? Quarks? Leptons? Bosons?

Let’s talk containment.

1) How do the magnets contain the tiny black hole? How is the plasma and subsequent chain reaction kept in check? (Well, I guess it isn’t because containment is lost further down the story).

2) How is energy harvested from this reaction?

3) Virtual particles are non-energetic to the point of NOT actually producing any discernible energy levels.

The Bull has very strong feelings about people misusing science. Stretching concepts is one thing. Spewing Tyson like gibberish is another. The Bull will not abide bad science!

The Bull is done with the physics portion of this cap review.

The conversation bounced around. It was like a cracked out Beatles movie without the wit.

Okay. I’m being an asshole. I get that. However, this cap is really long and really sloppy. Even with the bad pop science, it could be fully entertaining. The spacing, the commas, the spelling all need to be checked thoroughly. If you tighten this up, it could be cool. As is, no.
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