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Date: 2018/07/11 13:54 By: bulldust Status: Admin  
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Sorry for being a downer, but the Bull is depressed. I know, who thought the Bull actually had any feelings, to even have sad ones? But, alas, it is true. So many things out there to bum the Bullmeister out. So many people gunning for the same taste of the American Dream as the Bull is and so little room for all of them.

As crazy as it may sound, the Bull has been a good, hard-working trooper, obeying the rules and regulations set forth by those in command. However, it has gotten him zip. He should have pissed outside of the pot more often, broken the rules and started more shit. Now he has very little to show for years of being a good guy. Now he is full of regret.

And speaking of regret, we have “The Murmurous Dead”. This cap explores an assassin’s regret or lack thereof. We begin with Corth, the assassin in question, who has just completed his first assignment, yet feels nothing about ending a life. Feeling a bit disappointed by this meeting with the head assassin, he sets off to tend to his second assignment.

After the assignment is complete, he meets a young woman who he bangs. They bang a lot and we get a couple of paragraphs of sexual situations, which are well written. And as it turns out, the girl wants to become an assassin herself one day.

Then we get the complication, the plot twist that adds depth to the cap. This is when Corth has to come to terms with his actions and his feelings about them.

The cap is well written, with minimal grammatical errors. Normally, the Bull doesn’t dig fantasy with all its guilds and fancy language, but this was alright. However, it is a little sappy and formulaic. Maybe the Bull’s mood is making him soft. Or maybe the Bull just needs booze and hookers, then a reread. The Bull is torn. The Bull will see what the Rocks decides, but as it stands it’s close but still a no.
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