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Though there is some validity to the proposition that ‘chaos reigns supreme' at TQR, the main menu is the anchor that keeps the ship from spinning out to sea.

MNKY - Where the CAPITAL GAINS wow the investors.


STAFF - the comic book heroes and heroins that decide what flies and what dies


GUIDELINES –  VC who’ve been around more than a few hours on this earth know what these are, and gravitate toward them like one-legged men flock to butt-kicking contests.


INVESTOR GUIDE - Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich.


NEW FREE MARKET – The physical plant, the turbine, the dynamo from which TQR gains its energy to function, where one goes to see the process of the tiered vetting system: from Floor to Terminal to Executive Suite, all the way to capital gain. These are the actual offices where the e-zine does its daily grind of reading, kvetching about what was read, rejection and acceptance to the next level and start all over again. Which office has the most activity is dependent upon how far the process is along. The Floor takes the 1st month; the Terminal, the 2nd, and [when things are running right] Rorschalk's soapbox, the Executive Suite.


YOUR PROFILE - wherein you download your visage to the site for some unknown reason. Perhaps the DHS wants your information and this is one way of procuring it?


[capital manager's note: vestigial, a feature of the old site that was nuked by angry Indian server bosses angry at the porno malware that had infected our site and was sucking up all their bandwidth, but that, thanks to the mighty mythical bull, rose from the ashes in this, its present form. Hail Shiva!]


BOOKMARKS - If'n you can only read half a capital gain, come back here to click on the page where you left off, even if you've been away several weeks or more!

[cmn: tech innovation of the site that no longer exists except in my heart, kept here for historical purposes and archeological research purposes only]]


TQRSPEAK - Grok these terms and expressions unique to tqr and be borgesed no more'll be captain kirking like it's nobody's business, yo.


ARCHIVES - Treasure trove of past Capital Gains.

[cmn: alas, our once voluminous archives have been lost like the great tomes of forbidden knowledge when the saracen's sacked Alexandria. Damn those angry Indians! Historical interest, archeological research, you get the picture...]


BLOGGE - Yet another tentacle of the TQR empire, wherein some business and gossip and insider stuff may be grokked. 

[cmn: vestigial, ghost ship of a blogge that is, in theory still operable, but it never garnered any views and I don't give a damn about it anymore my dear, Frank]


LOGIN - Where you create your own personal persona to enter into this cut-throat world of conniving capital managers and dishonest brokers.

[cmn: Vestigial. Frankly, no one gave a damn Historic archeology...]


FAQ - If you still don't understand, this might confuse you more.




[autocratic capital manager leader's note: this HOT TIPS section is part of an iteration of TQR that is no more. The Queen's Rump was razed many years ago for extra parking. The Book Mark feature has gone the way of the Architext himself...lost in time. The only resident deity extant here in this mythical realm is me. The quaint mention of 17-inch monitors as being state of the ar should be a hot tip to the reader of said that this is a remnant of the past whos vestigial existence is only still posted for reasons of historical interest. Please, enjoy, total quality reading as it once was, is, and shall  be again. Dig it!] 

As stated above, the Free Market is a fly-on-the-wall’s view of the process which has heretofore been shrouded by mystery, and not a little fear and loathing. It is TQR's mission to pull back the veil and reveal the nitty gritty, sometimes unfair, world of capital discrimination. You’ve seen the NYSE at opening bell, right? It’s every man for herself, brother. Follow your favorites from Floor to Terminal to Executive Suite. Take bets in the Queen's Rump with your mates while you menace the exhausted staff members who only want to drink their Michelob Ultra and be left alone. All of this comes under the umbrella of the FREE MARKET. 

Owing to the fact TQR caters to the long stuff, it compelled the resident diety, The Architext, to create a system whereby investors need not finish a CG in one sitting, but be able to log off for however long they wanted to, and still be able log back on to the site and start where they left off at ere those many weeks. 

And, lo, The Architext twiddled its microprocessors and said, "Let there be Bookmarks!" and, shazaam, it coded them, and they were displayed across the top of your screen by CG title and last-page read, so that you could click on them and be right back where you belonged. So don’t feel like you’ve got to take No Doz in order to finish one of our gargantuan offerings. Let our Bookmarks do the mocking, er, marking. 

Instead of the archaic and milleniums-old utilization of the ‘scroll,’ TQR has opted for a page-by-page style to display its capital gains. What kind of dust farting subliminal messages does the word ‘scroll’ put out to investors, not to mention the implication that you are using a tool old as Ezekiel? Given a choice twixt scroll and page, there is no contest.

For best results viewing TQR, utilize a high speed Internet connection and a 17-inch monitor tuned to a Full Screen setting. To format your screen to this in Windows, hit F11, or go to the top menu item, View, and click, then find ‘Full Screen’ and click. Mac users, figure it out yourselves cuz I don't know.